Thanks to all the people who came out to share some Christmas cheer and get some free winter gear at our CET Meeting and Christmas Party! We gave out lots of colorful jackets, just in time for the cold and snow. And a big thank you to Santa for stopping in from the North Pole with candy and presents for young and old!

Thank you so much to all the elves who helped make our SPRC CET Event a memorable one. To the elves who did all the wrapping, handed out jackets, handed out candy and presents to the kids, and to our reindeer hosts—Thank You!

Congratulations to the winners of the gift certificates! Email us to make arrangements to pick them up.

  • Caldorine (sp?) Plain Feather (Kirkwood Mall)
  • Rolene Feather Earring (Dominoes)
  • Theresa White Lightning (Kirkwood Mall)
  • Jamie Hawk (Burger King)
  • Trisha Red Fox (Kirkwood Mall)
  • Heather Bird Horse (Starbucks)
  • Crystal Black Cloud (Kirkwood Mall)
  • Elias Nagel (Dairy Queen)
  • Kasa Hohenstein (Kirkwood Mall)
  • Nicole Wells (Wendys)
  • Merceline Dupris (Hardees)
  • Tina Peltier (Kirkwood Mall)

The next Community Engagement Team meeting will be held December 29 and will be a New Year Celebration! 🙂