The first Quest Talk event focused on HEALING. In order to find our purpose and our passion in life, we must be well. We know that “Hurt people hurt people.” So as human beings who do not want to hurt others, we must focus on our wellness and our own physical and mental and spiritual health.

Thank you so much to the speakers—Dr. Darryl Tonemah, Jeffron Sealy, and Jasper Young Bear—who did an awesome job of discussing all the aspects of healing.

Thank you so much to all of the awesome volunteers—Eichelle Armstrong, Chadwick Kramer, Karla Davis, Shalonda Many Horses, Marilyn Kary, and Corner Post Counseling—for all the hard work! Thank you to the hospitality of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship for the use of space. Thank you to the North Dakota Humanities Council for making the event happen. And thank you to all the youth who came and had fun and were so respectful and super-awesome!

Once we are on the road to being well, we can find out where we belong in our communities and the world. The next Quest Talk will be held on August 4th! Be sure to register, and hope to see you there!