Have you ever wanted to learn about the traditional roles of your grandparent’s generation?

Do you want to discuss how these traditional teachings can be applied to your life today?

Join us tonight for the Modern Day Native Women & Modern Day Warriors Youth Assemblies at Bismarck High School, Rooms 121-122 (enter through north loop entrance, door #6). These assemblies are for Native American BOYS & GIRLS from Bismarck & Mandan schools, grades 6-12. There is NO COST TO ATTEND, and NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED – JUST SHOW UP!

A light meal for students and parents will be served from 5:00-5:30 pm. Students must be picked up at 5:30.

Questions? Please call/text Karla Davis at 701-527-4633, or Chadwick Kramer at 701-955-0448.

Tuesday, March 27
Bismarck High School, Rooms 121-122
800 North 8th Street, Bismarck ND
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Event sponsored by BPS Family Liaisons, BPS Indian Education Programs, Sacred Pipe Resource Center, and MPS Indian Education Programs.