Have you ever eaten a dragon fruit?

What about an ugli fruit?

Do you know what a kumquat tastes like?

DIABESITY (Diabetes and obesity) is the leading cause of death among American Indian people. Our traditional Native diet consisted of plants and proteins without high sugar and fat content. The changes in our diet and our sedentary lifestyle have had a major impact on our health. Diseases like smallpox and measles were a threat to us in the past, brought to us in the form of blankets. Today, diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer are a threat to our population, brought to us in foods like soda pop, energy drinks, fast-food, and highly-processed and microwavable meal items.

BUT the world is full of things we may have never had the opportunity to try—foods that taste good and are healthy for us!

This is your opportunity to try new foods and new foods cooked in healthy, delicious ways that you can try easily at home. Each hour of this event will feature a brief speaker and a new round of items to taste test!

The event will also feature a FREE GIFT for all participants and DOOR PRIZES throughout the event, including KitchenAid Cooking Sets, kitchen accessories, a Ninja Kitchen System, and GRAND PRIZE KitchenAid mixer!

Thursday, March 15
Bisman Community Food Co-op
711 E Sweet Ave, Bismarck ND
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