We at SPRC are so pleased to introduce you to our newest angel partner—Lamara Allen!

Lamara is a 17-year old high school junior living in Arlington, Virginia. Her maternal grandparents both grew up on the Standing Rock Reservation, and Lamara is a quarter L/Dakota. Though she has not yet visited North Dakota, she has grown up hearing stories from her 95-year-old grandmother.

All of this caused Lamara to want to contribute in any way possible, and she created a Native American Outreach Club at her school. The club aims to raise money to contribute to those in need in North Dakota, and to raise awareness of issues faced by Native Americans. Her first donation will be received later this month! Some of the specific goals for this upcoming year for her club will be to target homelessness, education, and children’s needs. Lamara will be graduating in 2020 and plans to go to college.

Lamara is a wonderful example of the power of one individual to make a difference in the lives of others.

If you are a Native teen and like what Lamara is doing, please contact SPRC. We have recently received a grant to support Native youth projects!