The SPRC Community Engagement Summer Challenge is here!

It's a month of fun, activities and prizes at Sacred Pipe Resource Center! Get a team together (think of a cool name for it) and get ready to meet the challenges!

There are four challenges, one per week. Teams can pick one or register for all four. Each week your team can win $500 worth of incentives and prizes. Complete the challenge in the week it is scheduled and see who WINS! 

  • Each team must have ONE adult and at least TWO youth members (up to four youths on a team).
  • Fill out the registration below for your team, for one week or all four. Your team must be registered to participate.
  • Detailed rules and instructions will be e-mailed to your team lead once you are registered.
  • There must be at least five (5) teams registered to hold the weekly challenge.

Community Engagement Summer Challenge

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For questions or more information, e-mail

WEEK 1: July 14–19

CHALLENGE: Create an Art Project

PRIZE: Four (4) season passes to the Raging Rivers Water Park

You will have one week to build an art project only from recyclable bottles, cans or containers. You will receive the theme and further guidelines for the project on the start date. A panel of community judges will judge the final projects and decide the winner!

WEEK 2: July 21–26

CHALLENGE: Complete a Community Scavenger Hunt

PRIZE: Dakota Zoo Family+ membership, $200 in tickets to the Superslide Amusement Park, $200 in Dans Supermarket and Cashwise grocery gift cards

You will have one week to find all of the items on the scavenger hunt list! The list with items must be turned in on FRIDAY, JULY 26! In the event there are multiple completions, a drawing will be made of the fully completed lists.

WEEK 3: July 28–August 2

CHALLENGE: Create a Public Service Announcement Video

PRIZE: Gift certificates from Skyzone ($300) and the Lewis & Clark Riverboat ($200)

You will have one week to create a public service announcement (PSA). The topic of the PSA and rules will be given to you on Sunday, July 28. This does not have to be a professional product. A panel of community judges will judge the final projects and decide the winner!

WEEK 4: August 4–August 9

CHALLENGE: Raise Money for a Local Non-Profit

START DATE: August 4
PRIZE: Five (5) $100 gift cards to Carmike and Grand Theaters

You will have one week to raise money for a local non-profit. You will be given $50 for seed money to purchase supplies/materials for your fundraiser. The team who raises the most funds will be the winner!

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