19Sep 2018
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September CET Meetings: Community Baby Shower!

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SPRC would like to invite all new parents (moms & dads) to this meeting. We will be providing information about Native parenting, support programs, and informational services for supporting parents […]

15Sep 2018
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September CET Meeting: Community Baby Shower!

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Join us at this month’s CET meeting for a baby shower welcoming all of the little wakanyeja to the Bismarck-Mandan community! We invite all new parents (moms & dads) to […]

14Sep 2018

Cultural Competency Workshop: Native American Parenting

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Native American Parenting

Notions of good child-rearing practices vary widely and often cause tension when they differ in issues such as discipline. Research shows that beliefs about childrearing are adopted from […]

7Sep 2018
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Cultural Competency: Native American Parenting

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We hope you will join us for this month’s Cultural Competency Workshop Series. This session, Native American Parenting, will examine traditional Native parenting practices and worldviews that influence child-rearing. The […]

17Nov 2016

Keeping the Culture Alive

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Burleigh County Social Services cordially invites you to cultural presentations to Native American children placed in out-of-home care and the people that work with them. Hosted by Kevin Miller, with […]

14Apr 2016

Native American Parenting Support Group

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Parenting is a difficult job. Whether you are a new parent with small children or a more experienced

parent with teenagers, many issues cause us concern or […]