Join us tomorrow for the start of Spark Change Basketball Skills & Drills, a free weekly program for girls and boys (K through 8th grade) to get out and work on those basketball skills! We focus on the fundamentals of basketball—dribbling, passing, shooting, conditioning, teamwork—as well as teaching the basic rules of basketball (traveling, 3-seconds rule, double-dribbling, lane violations, etc.). We also discuss how to live our Native values on the basketball court: showing courage, generosity, and wisdom. Participants receive t-shirts and basketballs upon completion of the camp, which runs through November 7th.

Come on down to the Riverside Gym—check the schedule for details. There is no charge for this program. Snacks and drinks are provided. To register, simply e-mail with your child(ren)’s NAME and AGE.

Wednesday, September 5
Riverside Gym/SCHS
406 S. Anderson St., Bismarck ND
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Sponsored by Sacred Pipe Resource Center, BPS/JOM, and Running Strong for American Indian Youth.