The Cultural Competency Workshop Series is a service of SPRC for health providers, teachers, community workers, service providers, and any professionals who work with Native populations. Each workshop focuses on a specific issue, providing cultural context and background as well as concrete strategies for working with Native people.

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2017 Cultural Competency Workshop Schedule

January 27 The Elephant & the Giraffe: The Story of Diversity Management

This workshop uses the story of the elephant and the giraffe to help managers, supervisors, and human resource professionals reflect upon the dynamic of managing a diverse workforce.

February 17 The Color of Justice: Diverse Views of Justice

This session will present differing cultural views of law and justice to illustrate how conflict can be effectively managed.

March 17 Tribal Sovereignty and the Roots of Government

Examining the evolution and foundations of Tribal government and leadership in order to help agencies and organizations work with Tribes and Tribal programs.

April 21 Living Through Grieving: A Native Perspective of Cutting

This training presents a uniquely Native American perspective of the practice of "cutting" that may empower helping professionals to address the issue in a culturally sensitive and competent manner.

May 19 Whiteness: Not Just for Eggshells

This workshop will examine the roots of being white in America and how we can transcend "color," "race," or "culture" in order to strengthen our communities.

June 23 Choosing the Red Road: Behavioral Health and Native Communities

A look at some traditional Native health and wellness practices that influence how we can make a positive impact on behavioral health.

July 21 What Are Natives So Angry About?

This session will help service providers and helpers respond to the anger that individuals may carry with them due to historical trauma, grief, and other factors.

August 18 Beyond the Classroom: Reaching and Teaching Native Youth

Providing a set of concrete strategies that can help motivate students for more effective learning, and help build co-teaching partnerships with parents.

September 29 Being Poor vs. Poverty: Navigating the Hidden Rules

Examining the hidden rules of poverty and how they relate to cultural value systems to help service providers work more effectively with Native children and families.

October 20 Using Power to Build Community

Using cultural frameworks, this session will help participants understand how power and helping go hand in hand.

November 17 Indian Time and Other Mysteries

A discussion of some of the common workplace issues that stem from cultural differences and what managers, supervisors, and HR professionals can do to help maintain a positive, diverse workforce.

December 15 "There was this one time...": Native Humor and Native Storytelling

This session will examine some of the best Indian jokes and stories to illustrate how Native humor works among Native people.