The election is over. The work is just beginning.

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SPRC is seeking American Indian people from the Bismarck-Mandan-Lincoln community to serve on one of four (4) Community Councils to address local issues: Law and Order, Housing & Homelessness, Civic Engagement, and Native Youth. We’d like to have 6-10 people on each Council. Community Council members must commit to serve a one-year term.

Community Council members must:

  • Meet at least every other week to discuss the issues and participate in learning activities;
  • Become subject-matter experts in the local challenges and issues;
  • Commit to an individualized plan for learning and awareness;
  • Provide on-going Native community engagement;
  • Participate in a group project pertaining to an identified need based on data.

Community Council members will:

  • Receive a regular monthly stipend for participation;
  • Manage an expense account for materials needed for individualized learning and projects;
  • Be provided lunch for regular meetings.

    Fill out the application and click "Submit." Applicants will be notified within 3-5 business days.

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