American Indian Youth Issues

A group photo of young Native people

Native teens coming out to see Supaman speak
at "A Tribe Called Urban," 2015

The Youth Issues Community Engagement Team creates opportunities in the local community for American Indian youth to connect with each other and with caring Native adults. These community connections are important to foster positive cultural self-identity and promote self-actualization. The challenges of growing up as a member of a minority group in a predominantly non-Native community can be alleviated through connection, collaboration, and culture.

The American Indian Youth Issues CET addresses topics like the over-representation of American Indian youth in the juvenile justice system, foster care, and other out-of-home placements; and access to, and availability of, culturally-based activities for American Indian youth.

The American Indian Youth Issues CET develops resources and activities like:
  • An annual free basketball camp for boys in grades 4-12
  • A Youth Talking Circle for Native teens & young adults to discuss issues important to them
  • A coordinated Youth Calendar of activities
  • A free beading workshop for youth ages 12-18 to learn Native beading techniques and designs

Join the American Indian Youth Issues CET and help create opportunity! You do not need any expertise, education, experience or background to serve on a CET— just a commitment to Native people and causes.

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Community Engagement Teams

Community Engagement Teams at the Sacred Pipe Resource Center are supported by a Community Innovation Grant from the the Bush Foundation in partnership with North Dakota Consensus Council. Topic areas are open but will be data-driven. Each CET is required to develop a written plan and to partner with a local community-based agency or organization, such as a civic group, business, non-profit, or spiritual organization. CETs are provided with financial and administrative support to develop their plans.