American Indian Health Issues

People attending a meeting of the Native Health CET

A 2016 meeting of the Native Health CET

The Native Health Community Engagement Team focuses on wellness and healthy living. The CET develops health information and services, and projects such as a health center for American Indian people in the Bismarck-Mandan community.

The Native Health CET grew from a discussion about the many health disparities Native people experience. Statistics show that American Indian people experience higher rates, or are at risk of higher incidence, of so many different diseases—it can be disheartening. The Native Health CET addresses current health needs and promotes a healthier Native community through well-being, advocacy, and cultural/spiritual interventions.

The Native Health CET serves the community in numerous ways:
  • Coordinating health fairs to improve access to local health services
  • Organizing culturally sensitive educational workshops and speakers
  • Hosting parenting support groups
  • Developing a health center for American Indian people in the Bismarck-Mandan area

Join the Native Health CET and create a healthier American Indian community! You do not need any expertise, education, experience or background to serve on a CET— just a commitment to Native people and causes.

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Community Engagement Teams

Community Engagement Teams at the Sacred Pipe Resource Center are supported by a Community Innovation Grant from the the Bush Foundation in partnership with North Dakota Consensus Council. Topic areas are open but will be data-driven. Each CET is required to develop a written plan and to partner with a local community-based agency or organization, such as a civic group, business, non-profit, or spiritual organization. CETs are provided with financial and administrative support to develop their plans.